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Business Growth

Marketing Strategy

“I asked Alex to help me with my marketing strategy. Alex has helped me to think about what I want and how to go about achieving it. On the journey that has changed, it’s been both painful, cathartic and eyeopening. On that journey he has put the tools in place for me to know what to do next. I feel confident now that my actions are achieving results and my activities are much more streamlined. Thank you Alex.”

Maria Franzoni
London, UK

Content Strategy

“From idea to execution, Alexander gave me the framework to create high value content videos, with new business as a direct result. Certainly recommended if you want to accelerate the success of your online marketing.”

Maarten Goedemé
Antwerp, Belgium

Product launch Strategy

“I hired Dziri to get my online business to the next level. What I like about his coaching is that it’s based on facts and experience. Dziri has done it himself, so I know I can trust his judgment for my business. He’s brutally honest on what it takes to build a successful online business, and if you believe you can handle that, then hire him “

Jussi Survio AKA “Bboy Focus”
Helsinki, Finland

Personal Growth

Feeling Alive vs Drive

“From working with Alex, I’ve made significant changes in my professional and personal life that I didn’t even realize were possible. I began working with Alex to gain more clarity around my “purpose” with my career and business. I was in a state of mediocrity. As we worked together, Alex’s insightful questioning and perceptive feedback led me to a deeper understanding of my strengths and weaknesses. The better I understood myself, the more my esteem grew. In 6 months, my income has tripled. But more importantly, I’m having WAY more fun with my life and don’t feel like I’m a hamster on a wheel! “

Chelsea O’Brien
Virgina, USA

Strengths & Talents

“I’ve been speaking in front of universities, parliaments and classes for more than 15 years now, and even with my experience Alexander was able to give me amazing insights around structuring my message in order to attract new clients. He understands his marketing and how to coach.”

Omar Ba
Brussels, Belgium


“Alex’s coaching is like sparring with a black belt of mental Jiu Jitsu. His thinking is incisive, his approach is no-nonsense, and he applies just the right amount of pressure while making you feel like you’re in trustworthy hands.”

Michael Gasiorek
San Francisco, USA

“I would describe Alexander’s coaching as “mind-changing”. He works very bottom-up: he started from my strengths and talents and progressed to link it with new mindsets for me to use. He never imposed a technique on me, but would rather let me discover the answer through practice and preparation. As a result, my pitches and public speeches would always come from my heart but carried out with a new communication style. He has a clear and structured way of coaching. His insights are not temporary improvements, but lifelong learnings you keep using in different parts of your business. Thank you Alexander.”

Kelly Vreys
Turnhout, Belgium
Story of Life Project

“I loved Alexander’s coaching because he kept on asking me deep questions to figure out what my customer would be interested in to hear from me. Usually we want to persuade people starting from our own message, but Alexander pushed me to start from the customer’s point of view. I’m very pleased with the result. I’ve gotten positive feedback from everyone around me, and most importantly, some new customers understood my message and approached me. Thank you!

Sanghmitra Bhutani 
Geel, Belgium